Алексеев Дмитрий Глебович

Алексеев Дмитрий Глебович, к.б.н., заведующий лабораторией биоинформатики
Алексеев Дмитрий Глебович, к.б.н., заведующий лабораторией биоинформатики

PhD in biology, bioinformatics 2012

MIPT (SU) – Moscow
MS in applied physics and maths by June 2007
Thesis: Integration of proteomics investigation data and subsequent data mining and knowledge discovery

MIPT (SU) – Moscow
BS in applied physics and maths , June 2005
Thesis: Investigation of F1F0 ATPase from bovine heart mitochondria with MS methods

Опыт работы
Research Institute of Physico Chemical Medicine (niifhm.ru) – Moscow
2007 – till present
Startup of bioinformatics group – from one person to 14
Work under prof. V. Govorun
Expertise in proteomics, genomics, metabolomics and system analysis

Moscow Institute of Physics and technology (mipt.ru)
annual Introduction to Bioinformatics course teacher

Alsoft (www.alsoft.ru) - Moscow
Since June 2000
Software testing, localization. Client part sw development. Downloading various data formats to database.
Helps and manuals. Experience in Borland Delphi, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i, 10g.

Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry - Moscow
2004 - 2007
Full time laboratory engineer position, since the first days of the proteomics group (later evolved into proteomics lab.).

Karpov institute of physchemistry
2002 - 2004
Calculations for statistical theory for self-consistent topological metal and alloy solution

English teacher and translator
2002 - 2010
Kids and adults English teacher, ranging from elementary to business English .
Participation in Nobel Prize lectures publishing by “Nauka” publishing house.
Personal translator (subsequent and synchrony translation)

Public Events organizer
Since 2005
International Cultural events or study courses organizing in Russia, Spain and Germany. Including people management, accounting, communicating with officials.

Skills and features
Ability to learn new approaches and technologies with a teacher or from literature.
Good Communicating skills, motivating, team building.
Programming in pascal, basic, pl/sql, c#, perl, javascript, R etc.
Spectrometric hardware.
Database development and data analysis.
Experiment designing.
Technical skills ranging from computer electronics to gas pumps and car engines.
High level of stamina and ability to cope with new situations ( lack of time and resource conditions)
Team leader.

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Data mining and knowledge discovery, non-gel proteomics, brain and consciousness, traveling and culture, linguistics, Buddhism, self development, people management, LEAN business approaches.